A few words from happy clients about our workshops and lectures

"an unbelievable experience!"

"very rewarding and highly useful"

"We are highly pleased"

"highly rewarding...thoroughly

professional and personal"

"highly effective"

"*extremely* good...clear, concise,
and memorable. ...extremely valuable..."

"a magnificent lecture!"

"a wonderful event! "

"an amazing workshop"

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Upcoming Workshops  


Presentations Live -  Alpha Speakers Workshop

Week 15: 20-21 april (sold out)
Week 20: 18-19 may
Week 34: 24-25 august
Week 38: 21-22 september

        Presentation Strategies

Week 17: 29 April
Week 19: 12 May
Week 35: 28 August
Week 38: 18 September


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